1 year difference and what I’ve learned : loseit

1 year difference and what I've learned : loseit
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Imgur link: http://imgur.com/a/cFKJuss

One year ago I went back to work after 12 weeks maternity leave and I was so impressed that I was able to fit into pre-pregnancy pants (size 12). That was my entire goal after gaining >50lbs during my pregnancy: to not have to wear maternity clothes back to work. I never stepped onto a scale so I couldn’t tell you exactly my what my weight was in the first picture. I was 172lbs when I got pregnant and my pants fit better than so I’m probably close to 180 in this photo. I hit my goal and saw this photo, and every photo of me with my beautiful child where I could SEE how self conscious I was to have my photo taken. So I kept dieting. I had strict rules to help keep me on track and I followed them. I ate pretty much the same thing every day, but I wasn’t ever hungry, or tired or lightheaded. I checked in with myself constantly to make sure I was dieting healthily (I had anorexia in high school and was afraid of relapsing). I never stepped on a scale, and if I was hungry I would eat more. To battle binge eating I would floss and brush my teeth immediately after dinner. Finally in September I started running again. Slowly. But I ran 3x a week no matter what. And when I was hungry? I ate, but I ate smart foods. I was down to a size 4 and started weighing myself. I hit my lowest weight in October at 125. I started weight training and everything felt great. I was working out 6 days every week and I felt strong and great. Then January came and I realized my hair was falling, and I wasn’t finishing my workouts as strong and sometimes not at all. But I was eating 1500 calories every day (5’3 f and up from 1200)! I wasn’t hungry! After some advice on here and r/running I realized that for the first time in my life I didn’t have extra energy stored away. That in order to work out I NEEDED to eat more calories, mostly fats and protein. My hair stopped falling out, I’m a powerhouse when I workout and I’m back to reaching new speed/distance goals every week again. Obviously quarantine life is different, but at home workouts still count! So here I am 1 year from my first goal, trying to maintain my weight, fitness and life. 6 months maintaining and 50 years to go!

Moral of my story? If you workout, at some point you’ll reach a weight where you need to compensate for the energy you’re expending.

Tldr: lost ~50lbs after hitting pre-pregnancy weight, down to size 4 from a 12

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