10 key points from the RunChatLive Conference 2019

10 key points from the RunChatLive Conference 2019


Last week I swapped the hot seat of presenting for a comfy seat in the audience to attend the RunChatLive Running Conference in Brighton. Matt Phillips hosted the event which included 10 great speakers who have kindly shared the key points they’d like you to take-away from each of their talks in today’s blog.

First up was Jack Chew, host of the The Physio Matters Podcast and Director of MSK Reform. He spoke about ‘excuse based practice’.

10 key points from the RunChatLive Conference 2019

Ian Griffiths, sports Podiatrist, researcher and host of PodChatLive was up next and delivered an exceptional talk on foot orthoses.

“We can’t yet claim to know exactly “how” foot orthoses work, but given what we know about the complex and individual experience of pain in humans it seems unlikely it may be by just their direct mechanical effects.” – Ian Griffiths

Our next speaker, Dr JF Esculier, travelled all the way from Canada to present at the RunChatLive conference! JF is a physiotherapist and post doc at the University of British Columbia. His research in patellofemoral pain has been vital in guiding our treatment of runners.

10 key points from the RunChatLive Conference 2019

Paul Westwood works for JFT Racing Pro Triathlon Squad and brought a unique perspective from extensive experience in elite sport.

10 key points from the RunChatLive Conference 2019

The brilliant Dr Izzy Moore took centre stage next presenting expertly on gait retraining. Izzy and her team have produced some key running research, including this excellent *open access* paper which should definitely be on your reading list!

“Use verbal cues that focus specifically on the body’s movement you want to change, but ask people about cue interpretation. Assess the whole body, not just the one thing you wanted to change and tell runners it will be hard work!” – Dr Izzy Moore

The longest journey to the conference belonged to Simon Bartold who travelled all the way from Australia! Simon is a vastly experienced podiatrist and one of the world’s leading experts in athletic footwear. He left us with this thought provoking gem!

“Input vibration may be far more important that impact load in relation to RRI” – Simon Bartold

Paul Coker followed on from on Simon with an engaging presentation on ‘passive treatments’. Paul is a Physio and Medical Director at Rocktape UK.

“Passive treatments, or rather sensory input treatments, have a place in modern rehabilitation. Everyone is treating neurology, mostly by mistake” – Paul Coker

Hot on Paul’s heels was Specialist Physiotherapist and super-fast runner (2:31 marathon!) Dr Derek Griffin. Derek has written for Running-Physio before (here) and has a great approach to injury that really recognises it goes far beyond the biomechanics!

10 key points from the RunChatLive Conference 2019

Fellow athlete and physio Chris Johnson followed on from Derek having recovered from a flight from the US! Chris is a certified triathlon coach, three-time All American triathlete and part of a great team at The Runner’s Zone (be sure to check that out!). He discussed his excellent assessment approach at the RunChatLive Conference.

10 key points from the RunChatLive Conference 2019

Last, but certainly not least, the welsh wizard Mike James (AKA Endurance Physio) took the stage as a fantastic final act. He delved into strength and conditioning and how to optimise it for athletes.

“Make strength training accessible for the runner in front of you. Keep it simple and don’t misinterpret the evidence” – Mike James

All in all an excellent conference. I’m looking forward to next year!


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