10 months later and I’m 30 pounds down!!! : loseit

10 months later and I’m 30 pounds down!!! : loseit
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hi there !!

my epic weight loss progress pic

I’ve struggled sooooooo much with this. after my brother and mother died while I was in high school, I struggled a lot with suicidal thoughts. I attempted and was given the advice to eat every time I felt like I wanted to die… hence the massive weight gain lol.

I also went whack with bulimia, different fad diets, etc . I didn’t always lose the weight in a healthy way- but these last few months I’ve been working out and doing OMAD on and off.

I’m happy to say I’ve found a lot of peace in my life. I understand that true beauty could never come from the outside. Our bodies are merely a vessel for our soul, personality, or whatever you feel you are.

Beep beep meditation saved my life and really helped me throughout this journey.

Okay anyways (: Here are my results!

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