11 years ago this month, I started my Personal Weightloss Journey : loseit

11 years ago this month, I started my Personal Weightloss Journey : loseit


This month marks 11 years since seeing that NASTY overweight Christmas (Taken Christmas 2008) photo of myself and embarking on a personal weight loss journey!

After seeing the photo I practically made a V line to Walmart and purchased an exercise bike. When I first told my parents, I bought an exercise bike and that “I’m going to ride it 20 mins every day” their response was typical of anyone hearing that, which was akin to “ok whatever you say”.

I ended up riding that bike for 20 mins a day (usually in the morning) for about 1.5 years. I remember riding the bike during almost every episode of “Battle Star Galactica”. Something else I watched while on the bike was an internet show called “Dignation”.

It was kind of depressing because for the first week I saw no change ☹. But then slowly but sure the weight slowly dropped.

Then around July 5th, 2011 I retired the bike and started walking 3.6 miles every day. I’m proud that I only missed 3 days! 1 for the flu (still walked the next day feeling like crap), 1 for an ice storm and 1 for Christmas.

There were times I got home late and would do my 3.6-mile walk at 11pm – 12am.

Before losing weight, I had a REALLY BAD eating habit! To give you an idea for how bad it really was, for dinner I would have hot dogs and for supper, I would have a jack’s pizza and for a snack, I would eat a bag of corn chips while watching TV. When I was my heaviest, I remember weighing myself and seeing 220 on the scale and not really caring. (At least not until the photo)

My primary goal was 179lb. With all the bike riding and all the walking, the best I could do was 182lbs. Then after listing to a podcast about “Low carb” I gave it a shot.

The first week while walking and doing low carb I got to my lowest of 180lbs. It was only a month or so, that I blew past 179 down into the 160’s.

Then in 2018, I tried low carb again while helping someone lose weight and dropped into the 150s where I’m currently at today. I’m no longer low carb, but more of what I like to call “Lower carb”. That just means I don’t go out of my way to eat carbs but I don’t totally ignore them either.

I was trying to think when the last time I went out solo to a fast food joint that had a drive-through was. My best guess is 2007 (Even then I walked in)

If I made losing weight sound effortless and easy, I apologize. If there is one thing you take away from this story, take away this, It’s hard, requires dedication and you have to be ready to change your eating lifestyle for the REST OF YOUR LIFE!

People who do not wish to change their lifestyle will lose weight, but will more than likely gain it all back.

When I’m home I have a salad almost every day for lunch. I weigh myself, Usually, twice a day (Might be a little overkill but it’s what works for me)

I weigh in the morning when I wake up and at supper. At supper time and depending on what I weigh, the weight will dictate what I will allow myself to eat.

I’m very proud that I have been able to keep the weight off for 11 years. (and counting!)

Here is a photo if anyone is wondering



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