259lbs, Current Weight: 237lbs : loseit

259lbs, Current Weight: 237lbs : loseit


Hi guys,

Today marks exactly one month since I started counting calories, going to the gym and generally trying to be accountable for what I eat and I wanted to share my progress with people. I don’t see a massive difference in the before and current pictures if I’m honest, but I’m down three notches on my belt and clothes I haven’t worn for ages are starting to fit again, so I’m excited and wanted to share it with people!

Full disclosure: that before picture was actually taken in June of last year at the beginning of one of my many (many, many, many) failed attempts at losing weight. I was 259lbs in it, which is also what I was when I weighed myself on January 20th this year, so I’ve used it as a comparison. Wish I had taken a more recent picture now! Also, sorry for the terrible quality of the before picture. It was on an old phone with a bad camera.

I still have plenty more to lose (my goal is to cut to 160lbs and then start bulking back up from there) so I don’t really feel qualified to tell anyone else how they should approach this, but for those who are interested my routine and general approach to this is below.



19:7 intermittent fasting is working well for me at the moment when combined with eating a lot of protein (between 100 and 150g a day usually). I usually eat around 1600 calories of pretty much the same stuff every day during the week (lots of chicken, protein shakes and greek yoghurt) and then give myself a little more freedom on the weekend (while sticking to the calorie goal). Sometimes I go over my calorie limit by a little (and a lot a couple of times) but logging everything and getting right back to eating well was key to maintaining momentum. I also don’t add my exercise into my calorie limit which helps to mitigate bad days a lot.

General Tips:

Obviously there’s still plenty of room for me to screw this up, so this will be short! The one thing I did which really made a difference this time was – weirdly enough – going through my calendar and marking goal weights based on a loss of 2lbs a week. I know setting time limits for your weight loss is actually not a great idea, but for some reason it worked for me. Seeing that I would be 160lbs by the end of the year if I kept it up transformed the process of weight loss from something nebulous and scary to a very attainable goal.

Anyway, sorry to go on and on, I’m just excited!


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