30 Day Accountability Challenge – Day 10

30 Day Accountability Challenge - Day 10


Hello losers,

Happy Friday! We've made it.

Weight by end of month (210 lbs, preferably trend weight): 216.4 this morning. Frustrated by the usual pre cycle water retention even if I know better.

Stay within calorie range (1500): Should be good today. Maybe tuna burgers for dinner. 7/8 days.

Exercise 5 days a week: Ended up taking a rest day yesterday. Will do HIIT or strength tonight. 7/10 days.

Limit purchased coffee drinks (3 a week), if exceeded, $25 donation: None today. 3/13 total.

Self-care time (journaling, beauty treatments, anything that makes me feel taken care of): Read & journaled during lunch time.

Try a new recipe once a week: Curry powder/curried lentils update. I'm going to try a modified version of this budget bytes recipe https://www.budgetbytes.com/smoky-roasted-sausage-and-vegetables/ for meal prep this weekend. I will also be roasting cauliflower pearls as the rice portion, so it may count as 2 new recipes. 1/5 weeks.

Finish The Body Keeps the Score: Probably not tonight.

Drawing prompt every day: Doodled during lunch in my journal again. I waffle on whether I should be doing this with more purpose/intention but I feel like this is enough for now to get back into the swing of things. 5/10 days.

Brush teeth after dinner: Did last night, will hopefully do tonight too! 2/22 days.

How are you guys doing this fine day?

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