30 Pounds Down! 220 -> 190 (6’0" 40 year old guy)

30 Pounds Down! 220 -> 190 (6'0" 40 year old guy)


I've lurked in here for long enough… I"ve decided I wanted to share where I'm at with this amazing community that helped me feel much more confident.

Because of my job, I occasionally have to have pictures taken of me that get shared on websites or on social media… and I used to cringe when I'd see them… or try to pass off older photos of myself when I liked the way I looked better. But I'm happy to say, that I allowed a photographer to take my photo a couple of weeks ago, and I was happy with the results!

Here's the before/after you can tell by the classy use of Jokerman Font™ that I'm feeling a bit better about myself.

Creating a -500 CICO a day + eating 0.7g of protein per day per lb of bodyweight was the key. The weight fell off pretty quickly at first just from the diet changes + drinking WAY less — but then I plateaued a bit around 20lbs down. I then upped my Fitbit step goal from 12k/day to 15k/day and bought a rowing machine that I use in the morning for 20 mins during the workweek.

Then, the whole COVID-19 lockdown hit. I was finding it much harder to get my step goal (I started this weight loss journey in early Jan, like I'd done every Jan and failed for the last 8 years) — I was pretty bummed out, I was having the most success at weight loss ever — but the gym I was going to closed and I didn't have a 40min each way walk to work anymore – and my "commute" was one of my favorites parts of my day.

So after a couple of weeks of stalled progress — I had an idea: and it might help some of y'all struggling for your old routine: I started "commuting" to work everyday — but its a bit different now. I either take a 40 min walk around my neighborhood before I start working… or I pretend I work on an island, and I use my rowing machine to get myself to "work" — then I row/walk "home" after my work day before I can relax/watch TV/have a beer/whatever. It's been really helpful to keep me on track even though that part of my normalcy is gone.

If you read this far — thanks! And big thanks to this community for teaching me so much about CICO + nutrition, and inspiring me to achieve the first part of my goal. 🙂 Hopefully, something in here is helpful.

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