30lbs Down, My method, progress pics and a question. : loseit

30lbs Down, My method, progress pics and a question. : loseit
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Stats: Female, 5’8″, Start Weight: 190lbs, Goal Weight: 145-150lbs for now, Current Weight: 159.8lbs

Hi everyone! Glad to be here! My journey started in late January after weaning my youngest. Since I didn’t need extra calories to make milk anymore, I just wasn’t as hungry as often so it made sense to just start.

I’m generally a pretty movement oriented person. I like to be outside with my kids, I enjoy being active, when I’m not pregnant or breastfeeding I play sports. I take my dog on lots of walks or bike rides. I dont love sitting still, so the “move more” half of CICO has always been there.

However, when breastfeeding or pregnant (Which I was, non-stop, for 4 years) I was just always hungry, so I was always eating. I didn’t gain more than 20lbs when pregnant, but I never lost the 20 between the two, so it added up.

So, what I’ve been doing is making sure to only eat when I’m hungry, and then, I only eat to satiety. I dont count calories, I dont watch what I eat, I simply listen to my bodies cues. I’ve noticed after 4 months or this that my intake capacity is definitely going down- I get uncomfortable much earlier in a meal than I ever have, which i assume is my stomach shrinking.

So, here is the question: My theory is that eventually the calories that I’m eating when I’m hungry will be my required calories for a maintenance weight, and at that point I will stop losing, whatever it is. Does that make sense? Is that a healthy way to view things? I’m open to getting anywhere down between 135lbs and 150lbs.

Progress PicsAnother Progres Pic

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