#408: Beatie Deutsch, Israeli National Champion Runner + Mother of 5

#408: Beatie Deutsch, Israeli National Champion Runner + Mother of 5


Sarah and Tish compare self-isolating (and educational!) notes from the two coasts, then are joined by a guest half a world away, Beatie Deutsch, the Israeli marathon and half-marathon champion and a mother of five young children. Beatie shares:

-how she morphed from non-runner to national champion in just four years (!!);
-what dressing modestly (complete with below-the-knee skirt + head scarf) means to her;
-what a typical marathon training week includes;
social media advice to ensure you don’t “compete or compare” with others; and,
-how she’s coping with an inability to run due to injury + newly imposed government restrictions.

Beatie joins the conversation at ALEX INSERT TIME HERE


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