6’4″ 46 year old male, total weight lost approaching 80 pounds : loseit

6'4" 46 year old male, total weight lost approaching 80 pounds : loseit


About five years ago I was up to my lifetime maximum of over 235 pounds. I started to lose weight after almost completely cutting soda out of my diet. Specifically, I would knock back five or six of the glass bottle pure cane sugar Cokes per day. I would even take one to bed and sip on it as I was falling asleep, then like an idiot wondered why I kept waking up with headaches. Today I drink maybe one soda per month.

I have now lost almost 80 pounds. Yes, 80. I have not been in the 150s since maybe thirty years ago when I was a sophomore in high school. Cutting soda out of my diet somehow lowered my appetite drastically. I will maybe have something small for breakfast, maybe nibble on something small for lunch, and I really only eat dinner maybe once or twice per week. Strangely, I can regularly go 24 hours without eating anything at all. No doubt this has helped to contribute to my weight loss.

Around the same time I started to take soda out of my diet, I also started trying to walk a lot more. I bought a Fitbit when I was still working in the home office at work, and I would often times lap the building from end to end once or twice a day. At my stride that’s 950 steps each way, or basically half a mile. So eating less and moving more when possible certainly helped. It is quite easy to become a little obsessive about your steps when you buy a Fitbit or an Apple Watch. Often times, I would hit 20,000 steps per day.

I know some of you might say I am underweight for my height. I do have my handful of lower joint problems, and the less weight I have on them the better. If I somehow drop into the 140s, I will definitely talk with my doctor. I don’t want to look like Matt Damon in Courage Under Fire or anything like that…

Scale for…… well, scale.


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