Best Selling Trail Shoes by Color- Summer 2018 – Running Warehouse Blog

Best Selling Trail Shoes by Color- Summer 2018 – Running Warehouse Blog


Similar to our best-selling road shoe lists, at the end of each quarter, we also like to take a look at which trail shoes were the most popular. Trail running trends are definitely quite different from the roads and it’s common to see a much wider variety of brands and styles make this list. After going through the data and excluding any clearance sales, we created a list of the trail running shoes (by color) that sold best during the second quarter of 2018 (April, May, and June).

On the men’s side, HOKA once again came out as the most dominant brand with six different models making the list. Coming in at #3 was the highly cushioned Speedgoat 2. The shoe has been a favorite of testers here at RW and is well known for its smooth ride and ultra sticky grip. While it was the top ranked HOKA trail shoe this past quarter, the recent release of the Evo Mafate could take its place as the new favorite ultra marathon shoe in Q3. Other oversized HOKA trail shoe to crack the top 20 included two colors of the Napali ATR and Challenger ATR, as well as single color of the Stinson ATR 4. On the performance side, the Torrent and Evo Jawz rounded out the list.

Altra also had a fantastic quarter and continued to show that the zero drop brand is a major player on the trails. The Lone Peak 3.5 picked up the #1 spot on the list and had 2 additional colors make the top 10. Along with an individual color of the rugged Timp and the speedy Superior, Altra finished the quarter with a total of 5 shoes in the top 20.

Another more natural shoe to make the list was the New Balance Mt10 v1. Coming in at #2 and #5, the near barefoot shoe continues to show that there is still plenty of trail runners seeking a low to the ground expierence. Salomon also saw two shoes make the list and its no surprise that both are part of the race ready S-Lab Collection. The Salomon S-Lab Sense Ultra sold best coming in at #4 while the newer and slightly beefed up S-Lab Ultra also snuck on the list ranking #16.

On the women’s side, the list was also filled with HOKA ONE ONE. Eight of the top ten shoes were HOKA and we saw a similar selection to the men’s picks. Although Altra took the men’s top shoe, the tried and true Brooks Cascadia 12 took the women’s title. From a tech stand point, the Cascadia is nothing revolutionary. Its sturdy and versatile design makes it a trusted training option and it’s a shoe that trail runners come back to year after year. Along with the Cascadia, we saw the Adrenaline’s all terrain counterpart the Adrenaline ASR come in at #15.

Altra also had a good showing on the women’s side with several colors of the Timp and Lone Peak making the list. Neither shoe ranked quite as high on the list as their men’s counterpart, but they still offered solid numbers and showed the brand is a big name in the trail space.

While we see several similarities between the men’s and women’s lists, there were a couple differences worth pointing out. One model we saw only on the women’s side was the Saucony Peregrine 8. Although the shoe has gained a little weight over its previous versions, it still remains an aggressive trail option that excels over for the long haul. We also saw the nimble New Balance Summit Unknown and Nike Terra Kiger round out the the list. Both shoes are fairly versatile on the trails but their light and speedy design make them excel when you choose to pick up the pace.

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Below are the full lists for the top twenty best selling* trail shoes in the second quarter of 2018.

Men’s Best Selling Trail Running Shoes – Q2 2018

Women’s Best Selling Trail Running Shoes – Q2 2018


*Rankings are based on units sold during 2018 Q2. Models sold on clearance have been excluded.

For a look at the shoes that will be taking over these lists in the third quarter of 2018, be sure to check out our new arrivals page!

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