Best Selling Trail Shoes by Model – Winter 2017 – Running Warehouse Blog

Best Selling Trail Shoes by Model – Winter 2017 – Running Warehouse Blog


Much like our best-selling road shoe lists, at the end of each quarter we also like to take a look at which trail shoes were the most popular. In general, these lists tend to include a greater variety of both brands and styles, reflecting the highly variable nature of trail running as a sport, and the fourth quarter (Q4) of 2017 was no different. Below you will find the top twenty-five men’s and women’s trail shoe models for Q4 of 2017.

On the men’s side, Altra had the most models in the top twenty-five this season with five models on the list. Hoka was close behind with four models in the top ten, and took both the first and second spots with the Challenger ATR 3 and the Speedgoat 2, respectively. In stark contrast with the top two models, the third model on the men’s list was the minimalist New Balance MT10 v1. This disparity in style is a strong reminder — further supported by the presence of the Merrell Trail Glove 4 at fourteenth — that both the highly cushioned trend and the minimalist trend are alive and well in men’s trail.

HOKA and Altra proved to be the most popular brands for women’s trail as well, with both brands getting four shoes into the top twenty-five. Similar to the men’s list, HOKA took the top two spots on the women’s list, the difference being that the women’s top two were the Challenger ATR 3 and the Stinson ATR 4. Adding to HOKA’s success were the Speedgoat 2 and the Speed Instinct 2, which came in at fourth and sixth, respectively. Meanwhile Altra had four models in the top twelve with the Timp coming in at third, which shows that trail shoes with hearty cushioning were strong performers in women’s trail. That being said, the New Balance MT10 v1 and the Merrell Trail Glove were also present on the list, demonstrating that minimalist running remains popular with women as well.

Below are the top twenty-five best selling* trail shoe models for the fourth quarter of 2017.

Men’s Best Selling Trail Running Shoes – Q4 2017

Women’s Best Selling Trail Running Shoes – Q4 2017

*Rankings are based on units sold during 2017 Q4. Unisex models and colorways sold on clearance have been excluded.

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For a look at the shoes that will be taking over these lists in the first quarter of 2018, be sure to check out our new arrivals page!

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