Down 4.8 pounds!!! : loseit

Down 4.8 pounds!!! : loseit


I started on January 1st with a weight of 247.4. I gained around 15 pounds during December and told myself that enough was enough! My goal is to lose 87.4 pounds to get down to 160. 2 weeks later I’m already down 4.8 pounds! Only 82.2 pounds to go! I know some people are going to look at this and roll their eyes but I haven’t lost any weight (actively trying to lose weight) ever! I’m really proud of myself. To hold myself accountable I’m going to be posting a week before and a week after pic, and also a 1st week of the month and a last week of the month. Maybe no one will read this or even care, but putting this out there is my commitment and I feel so good doing it. If you’re curious, check out the link with my pictures for my 1st and 2nd week. 🙂 Nothing is really noticeable, unfortunately. Hopefully I’ll get there soon!!! Me 🙂


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