FINALLY HIT MY GOAL (140lbs lost)

FINALLY HIT MY GOAL (140lbs lost)
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I did it!

11 months of dedication and sticking to something that I KNEW was the right thing for me. It was hard, hard work, but I’m so glad that I took this into my own hands and didn’t give up.

June 15th of 2019 was the turning point for my life. I was miserable, depressed, angry at everything, and unhappy with my body. My wife and I had just gone through a terrible loss, and it devastated me to the point of peaking at 340lbs.

I knew that I couldn’t risk losing out on seeing my first born son grow up, and see how miserable I was and how miserable I was making my wife, I knew things had to change.

So, I broke out MFP, found my TDEE, and dug in.

Things started pretty quick. When you’re 340lb, you have a lot to lose, and your body is glad to be rid of it. My BMI was over 42. Unreal.

I was steadily losing weight just counting my calories. By the end of October, I knew that if I didn’t want to alter my calories due to a lowering BMR, I’d have to start lifting and working out. I also knew that increasing my protein consumption was KEY, because it would keep my body from metabolizing my muscles.

So, I upped my protein intake to 140gr a day and started lifting 3 days a week.

The weight kept coming off. Holidays and cheat days came and went, but I kept my eye on the goal: 200lbs. I knew I could do it. I saw other people do it.

I didn’t let anything derail me. I refused to give up. Things were looking better. Clothes were falling off of me, belts were getting new holes, and my clothes budget was getting more and more lax.

My wife and I became more intimate. I was able to actually move my body and play on the ground with my son. I was getting noticed more in public with more people actively being attracted to me.

but more importantly, I was becoming more attracted to myself. This time last year, I hated myself. I hated my body, I had ZERO confidence, and I started to hate fat people, because I began to project my own inadequacies onto them. I didn’t like who I became.

But now… I actually like myself. Being able to wear clothes that fit my body in public has drastically changed my posture and my attitude toward myself.

All that aside, I managed to hit my goal. A goal I would never have thought possible 4 years ago.

I am now, officially under 200lbs.

From 340lb to 199.3lb – June 15th 2019 to May 18th.

Not only is that the lowest I have every weighed in my adult life (legit, from 18 to now, I have NEVER weighed less.), but it’s the first time in my life I have ever been at a “Normal weight”.

My entire life I have either been severely overweight or obese. To the point of chest pains, back pain, sleeping issues, etc….

No more. I’m done. I will never let myself get there again, and for the first time in a year…. I’m actually proud of myself.

Sorry, for the really long ramble, I’m just really, really fucking proud.

EDIT: I’m legit crying now, I can’t handle it… Finally in ONEderland…

I love you all, and the CONSTANT support and encouragement you’ve given me. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

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