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Get the Inside Edge - Garmin Blog


December 20, 2019

You’ve been
good all year and we think that deserves a reward. How about something black,
rectangular and makes your rides that much better? You guessed. A shiny new
Edge for your bike that’ll have you riding further, longer, higher and faster.
Here’s how you can get the most of your new technology.  

Garmin has
a variety of Edge cycling computers available, from the compact, lightweight
Edge 130 to the larger, all-encompassing 1030. Each one has its own unique
abilities and functions and will help you no matter what kind of cycling you do
— trails, road, indoors or outside.

generally, this post will cover some of the capabilities of the Edge family and
help you get started.

Garmin Connect
A great place to start is Garmin Connect. The app (or website) is the hub for everything that you can do with your Edge. It will allow you to geek-out on your performance, track your power, follow your heart rate and your VO2 max, help with your training and provide navigation.

Want to try a new trail or a route? Set it up on Garmin Connect with the courses function. Then when you head out on your ride, you can follow the navigation and take on your new path.

When you
keep up on your riding, you can earn badges and rewards for efforts well done. But
remember, you need to check in on the app. We like to say: if you’re not going using
Garmin Connect every day, you’re not using your Edge enough.

We put a great emphasis on safety. We know a lot of our riders head out on their own, so we’ve got two features that can help keep you safe and your loved ones aware of where you are and what’s happening.

lets you preselect people you want to have monitor your ride. When you have
your phone with you, these people can see where you are at any point on your
route. Not only will it give you peace of mind just in case, but it might just
hold you accountable on those 100 milers.

Detection is a feature that allows you to send an alert to a specific person in
case of an emergency, to a specific person. The key here is to choose your
person wisely — someone who will always pick up and be available when you need

Training effect and recovery
Now that you’re riding with your Edge, it will start to understand exactly how you ride. You can get information about your riding performance in relation to previous workouts. It’ll even let you know if you’re missing key components in your training, including slower rides that keep your heart rate low or if you’re not getting enough high-intensity sprints.

As we know,
recovery is almost as important as the workout itself. Your Edge will let you
know, based on your ride, just how much time is needed to adequately recover.
This will help you make the most of your days on the bike.

This is just the start with the Edge bike computers. Each version has its own specific set of features and benefits. Find yours below and dive in deeper to get the most from your new workout buddy.

Learn more about our Edges here.


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