I’m officially fatter than Homer Simpson : loseit

I'm officially fatter than Homer Simpson : loseit
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I recently re-watched one of my favorite Simpsons episodes named King Size Homer where Homer tries to gain enough weight to reach 300 pounds and claim disability. I was enjoying myself until I got to this scene and had a mini internal freakout when I saw that Homer’s weight is 239 pounds.

I’m 5’8″ and weigh 260 pounds. Homer is skinnier than me.

The realization that I weight 21 pounds more than Homer led me to google Homer’s height which is 6 feet. That means that I’m even bigger than Homer proportionally. My BMI would be around 39.5 to Homer Simpson’s 32.4.

I know I’m fat and as I get closer to turning 30 I’m also beginning to feel it’s physical effects but I guess I was kind of in denial. I’d look at shows like My 600lb Life and think that I wasn’t that big even though I could see the numbers on the scale ballooning. As silly as it sounds it took an episode of The Simpsons to wake me up to how out of control my weight has gotten.

I’m pretty ignorant about nutrition and exercise but I really need to make a change. I was around 240 a few years ago and if I continue at this rate I’ll hit 300 before I’m 35. I’m just gonna have to set a pomodoro timer and force my easily distracted ass to sit down and learn some of the basics and come up with a plan. My goal weight at the moment is 239 for obvious reasons.

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