I’ve officially lost 10 stone! (140lbs!!!!) : loseit

I’ve officially lost 10 stone! (140lbs!!!!) : loseit
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So as the title says, i hopped on the scales this morning and it told me i was 216lbs. At my heaviest in November 2017, that same scale said 356lbs. The 10 stone is a big milestone for me, but i still have another approx 20lbs to get to my first goal of 14 stone or 196lbs. That will still leave me technically overweight going by BMI, but I do a lot of weight lifting and want to see how I look at 14stone first before dropping any more, i don’t wanna start looking scrawny!

Anyway here are my pics (NSFW maybe)

This was my starting picture in May 2017, just before my heaviest point. i dont have a lot of pics back then because i didnt like posing for them. I really wish i had taken a proper start photo (and measurements) ) start pic

The next links are between November 2019 and now. I changed my gym and PT and started weightlifting, and my PT made me take proper pictures and measures me every week! Weight in first pics 268, weight in current pics 216 so 52lb difference

front view

side view

For reference i am 5’10”

Diet I havent had a strict plan the whole way through, ive bounced between different diet plans, depending on how ive felt. At the start it was mainly low fat, low carb and portion control. I cut out the crap, no sugar, no alcohol, no takeaways, no snacking. That was hard to sustain as i did feel i was depriving myself, but it did lead to a big initial weight loss, over the course of 9 months I lost 8 stone or 112lbs Before i changed gyms in Nov 19, i had actually regained about 1.5stone, through bad habits creeping back in and just generally slacking off My new trainer set me a calorie target initially of 1600 kcals per day, and gave me a macro split. Over the course of the first few weeks this was increased to 1900 kcals per day as he saw my activity level and was tracking my weight and measurements. I now find myself enjoying eating as i can have treats, as long as it fits in my macros and cals for the day. In the past few weeks ive started IF, eating all my cals between 10am and 4pm, and have noticed a difference on the scales, so it works for me

Exercise I walk! Miles and miles and miles. Thats currently my main exercise while the gyms are closed. And my PT runs a daily video HIIT class which is great to stay connected to my gym buddies. When we arent locked down, i usually do a mixture of circuits, HIIT and weightlifting.

Anyway, i just wanted to tell someone about my milestone, since i cant go out during lockdown and casually throw it into conversation lol

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