New Study: Obesity Not Connected to Fast Food Restaurant Or Gym Proxim | weight loss denver | phentermine 37.5 mg | phentermine 37.5

New Study: Obesity Not Connected to Fast Food Restaurant Or Gym Proxim | weight loss denver | phentermine 37.5 mg | phentermine 37.5


Obesity has been blamed on many things, such as lack of gym access and proximity to fast food establishments. Yet a new study from Lund University in Sweden says that obesity has nothing to do with how close an individual is to either gyms and fast food restaurants. Take a moment to learn about this study, which was published in the International Journal of Obesity, to inspire your weight loss efforts with Phentermine 37.5mg.

Obesity In “Deprived Neighborhoods”

While research suggests obesity is more prevalent among “deprived, low income neighborhoods” with high unemployment rates, new information does not recognize a connection among weight gain, gyms, and fast food eateries. 

“Our large-scale study in Sweden, using longitudinal national registry data of more than 1,5 million adults, did not find a statistically significant association between these two types of facilities [gyms and fast food restaurants] and obesity,” says Kenta Okuyama, PhD student at Center for Primary Health Care Research at Lund University.

Deprivation & Obesity

The weight of Swedish adults does not have anything to do with how close their homes and businesses are to fast food restaurants and gyms. However, the link between deprived neighborhoods and obesity remains clear, as low income households typically lack funds necessary to provide residents with well-rounded, healthy diets. 

“Although reducing fast food outlets or introducing physical activity facilities might in theory promote healthy eating and exercise, it may not be very effective in all countries and regions, because the contexts vary by its culture and lifestyle that may affect how often people utilize these facilities in their daily lives,” says Okuyama. “The next goal is to investigate further what other factors can possibly impact the risk of obesity in Sweden.” 
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