One Year and 72lbs : loseit

One Year and 72lbs : loseit
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A year ago today is when I decided to take control of my body and health (I wrote about reasons in my last post when I hit my first goal weight) .


I bought a scale and weighed myself, I started logging everything I ate, and I started exercising as a way to manage stress and celebrate what my body can do. The longer I did this the easier it got, the less I craved unhealthy food and the more I wanted to be active.

And now I’m just bragging, because I feel damn proud of how much I’ve changed in a year (and a very hard year at that) 😀

At 35 I’m smaller than I was in high school and far more fit. I ran 10k on my own after the sun run was cancelled, can bike 30k plus, and the biggest one is I finish my day with energy to spare instead of crashing on a couch to watch tv by 7pm.

I still have goals but they’re around performance, not the scale. I still log food, and will for quite awhile probably to keep me on track. I found eating around 1400 is my sweet spot for energy levels and performance and that seems to still be creating a slow loss, I’m not concerned with where I end up though.

I have plenty of tips but they all basically come from this sub so I won’t repeat them here, I just wanted to celebrate my success with a like minded community and thank all the people who post tips, encouragements and talk about their challenges here.

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