RunUltra Articles – 7 videos and articles on hot and cold ultra running destinations, cake frosting and a bit of Greek h

7 videos and articles on hot and cold ultra running destinations, cake frosting and a bit of Greek history
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Last updated: 05-Jun-17

By Elsa Trujillo

Back by popular demand, our latest selection of videos and ultra running articles from the web, for rookies and experts alike. This week we have videos on two completely different running adventures, the hilly heat of a Spanish island and the cold snow flats of northern Norway and the unique personality of US ultra runner Claire Gallagher. But also articles on trail running tips, a bit of Greek history and running camps. Finally, our favourite RunUltra article this week is our interview with Tom Evans, third place in the 2017 MDS hot on the heels of Morocco’s fastest runners.

Run in Spain

Follow different international ultra runners as they participate in Spain’s Transgrancanaria, one of the seven races of the Spain Ultra Cup. Not what you expect from Spain, the three ultra running distances offer low lying clouds, temperatures close to freezing, wind and steep mountain climbing. And sun, lots of sun.


Run in Norway

An international multi sport and multi stage challenge adventure in the Norwegian snows. Run, ski or cycle the snowy trails of  the harsth Hardangervidda plateau.

Running on cake frosting. Surely not?

Clare Gallaguer, from Boulder (Colorado) female winner of the 2015 Leadville 100 shares her unique diet, path and training plan in this video Changing Course.

Newbie? Get ready to run the trails

Ultra runner Dylan Bowman lays it out for those who are new to the running trails, click here for his three great tips.

Pheidippides the Greek and a modern day hemerodromoi team

In 1982 five runners set out to replicate Herodotus tale of a runner’s epic route from Athens to Sparta in less than 2 days. The Spartathlon was born the following year. Read the article.

Summer running camp

Ok, maybe not just for the summer, but here’s a piece on seven reasons why this might be a good idea and an improvement for your running.

Tom Evans, surprise MDS champ

He came in third, but what a race his was! RunUltra had a very special Q&A with Tom Evans after his epic result at the 2017 Marathon des Sables in hot Moroccan desert.

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