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Top Reviews October 2018


By Luke Jarmey

We’re pleased to announce our top reviews for October. So congratulations to Dan Stinton (@AllHailTheTrail) who will receive a pack of 33Shake Chia Energy Gels.

Peak District Challenge 100K Ultra – UK

A certain giddy excitement follows any notification of a Dan Stinton (@AllHailTheTrail) review. One of our favourite race reviewers here at RunUltra, you’ll be guaranteed a fantastically written, humorous and info packed account.

His review of the of Peak District Challenge 100K Ultra ticks all these boxes and more and that’s why it’s our top review for October.

This is a running/walking event, so when we arrive at the registration hall I use my powers of perception to weigh up the competition and I decided they were running if they were wearing shorts…… scientific I know. Given the lack of legs on show it looked like most of the entrants were going for the walking option.’


I tried to high-five Michelle to get the spirits up. We missed. Twice. We considered wading through a river to get back to the end quicker. Brain function was clearly becoming difficult.’

In no particular order, here’s our remaining top reviews for October:

Adventure Into Wonderland – UK

A good review always starts with a good intro and Stephen Mackay (@chefyego) doesn’t disappoint with his write up of the Adventure into Wonderland.

A few months ago. I was egged on to do a race. No, I was challenged to do a challenge. So I signed up for my 1st ever Marathon

Humanity Direct Tring Ultra – UK

It looks like bad weather didn’t temper Rosie Ayoub’s (@CrazyHorseLady) enthusiasm for her first ultra. A well-marked route and beautiful views appear to contribute to a thoroughly positive experience.

The route was exceptionally well marked. As someone with no sense of direction I worried about this and getting lost, but I needn’t have. Just when you started to question if you were on the right track, confidence tape appeared, or a helpful orange arrow on the floor.’

Monster Ultra – Monster Run Fest – UK

Another positive first time ultra experience, this time of the Monster Ultra, from Ben Cons.

Considering that the price of entry (£35 for the ultra) is comparable to many half marathons this is a great fun and good value race which is a good introduction to ultra running (it was my first – but won’t be my last!).’

‘The aid stations were every 6-8 miles but were well stocked (water, squash, coke, gels, sweets) and staffed by friendly and encouraging volunteers.’

A Run With No Witty Name – UK

A concise and balanced review from Peter Telford of an ultra with a very novel name!

Ran this in October 2018 – and after a very hot summer this was a sharp reminder that October had arrived: cold, wet and very windy. None of this spoilt what is a lovely run in beautiful scenery and some very big houses!’

‘The whole event was low key and minimum fuss – the organiser wanted to make it fun and create the right environment and he succeeded.’

Lakes in a Day Ultra Run – UK

A fantastically crafted review of the Lakes in a Day Ultra Run by Neil Johnson. You’re taken on a journey of long running and bleak conditions, but still a real experience with the small things shining through.

The next few hours were wet, stormy and bleak. Gale force winds battered our faces and the rain felt like pin *****s. Running was difficult and the cloud cover added to the sense of (almost) despair. Going forward seemed the best option as coming down any other route didn’t look any better.’

‘After a change of clothing at Ambleside, along with a mountain of food and tea, we headed towards the shore of Windermere. The volunteers were outstanding by the way.’

‘Crossing the finish line was a great moment and one I’ll remember well. All that was left was for a shower and walk back to our tent followed by the hourly chimes of Cartmel Priory to gently keep me awake until sunrise.’

Ultra Tour of Edinburgh – UK

Linda Todd with her review of the Ultra Tour Edinburgh, is another first time ultra runner with a generally positive experience. But race organisers, take note, we always see this pop up in reviews, please provide savoury not just sweet snacks!

The course was lovely, although the weather on the Pentland Hills was a bit brutal so if you are doing this event be prepared for rain and wind.’

‘The pit stops were well stocked, my only minor criticism would be that they could have done with a bit more savoury snacks as I am not massively keen on too much sweet stuff.’


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