The myth that weight loss is impossible : loseit

The myth that weight loss is impossible : loseit


I was reading this article, and near the beginning it talks about how 95-98% of diets fail and 2/3 of people who lose weight gain back more than they lose. It states this as fact because, for example, your metabolism slows down 17% for every 3% of bodyweight you lose.

I’m thinking this can’t be true.

I’ve lost 13% of my bodyweight. If my metabolism slowed down 17% every 3% lost, mine would have slowed down a lot by now. But I don’t think it’s slow down much, if at all. When I started losing weight, I ate 1500 calories a day, and as long as I stuck to that, I lost 1-1.5 lbs a week. I’ve not had to decrease the number of calories I eat. I still lose 1-1.5 per week at 1500 calories per day. So what gives?

And if all that stuff isn’t true, why would anyone spread such demotivating lies? Wouldn’t we want to encourage people to lose weight, rather than tell them it’s futile so don’t bother trying?


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