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Q: It seems like so many people over 40, or sometimes even younger, are taking statin drugs. What is that all about? Will they make me healthier?

While pharmaceuticals can be life-saving, they rarely promote health. In emergency situations, prescription medication can save lives, but because they are powerful and change your body’s physiology (meaning the way the systems work together), they eventually create unwanted side effects, which often leads to prescribing more drugs, and slowly but surely weakening our innate health.

I’m grateful for emergency medicine, which plays an important role in modern society. But we seem to have lost track of what it takes to actually maintain health—or to promote a return to health if we have neglected our own self-healing potential. It’s exciting to follow the health news where “lifestyle” choices are trending, but it’s kind of silly that this is framed as a new concept that needs more “studies.” We really don’t need studies to prove that getting enough sleep, drinking enough water, and making good food choices are the foundations for good health. That’s just common sense.


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