12 Easy Low FODMAP Snacks

12 Easy Low FODMAP Snacks
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Staying low FODMAP on a plant-based or vegan diet requires a little bit of creativity. These easy low FODMAP snacks are here to help take the guesswork out of a snack attack! They’re vegan, low or no-prep with something for every sweet, savoury, creamy or crunchy craving.

How to know which foods are low FODMAP

There is plenty to eat on a plant-based low FODMAP diet, but the tricky part of staying low FODMAP is knowing which foods and in what serving size you can eat. As a dietitian, I rely a lot on the Monash Low FODMAP app, because it is constantly updated…but if you want an easy to print PDF, I have a low FODMAP food list (complete with portion size!) for downloading.

Getting enough protein on a vegan Low FODMAP diet

One of the things that I love most about plant-based proteins is that they generally come packed with fibre…but many also contain a lot of FODMAPs. If you want to take a preventative approach to gut health, this is a good thing because FODMAPs help feed beneficial bacteria in the gut but on a low FODMAP diet for IBS, you’ve got to ditch them for a little while. 

Which means the big servings of nuts, seeds, grains and beans you may rely on to get your protein have to get downsized for a while. The key is to continue to put as many low FODMAP protein sources on your plate as possible. Tofu is a great, protein-rich option on a low FODMAP diet. You might get a little less protein right now but that’s okay because this is a short term thing.

Low FODMAP Vegan Protein Powders

There aren’t a ton of protein powders that have been official tested for FODMAPs. Brown rice protein is typically a safe bet up to 2 tablespoons (30ml). I like Sunwarrior Classic Protein. Another option that appears to be low FODMAP is Botanica Health Perfect Protein (I like the Vanilla) because its ingredients are all low FODMAP in small amounts and it contains no sweeteners. I find that I tolerate it very well.

Low FODMAP Swaps + Food List

You’ve got a lot of delicious, nutrient-dense foods to choose from when you’re eating a plant-based low FODMAP diet. I’ve got a great list of vegan low FODMAP foods here and if you need help swapping out higher FODMAP choices, or you need a list of low FODMAP foods, look no further

12 Easy Low FODMAP Snacks

These 12 easy low FODMAP snacks are plant-based and healthy. So the next time a snack attack hits, you can leave those rice cakes in the cupboard and try something with a bit more appeal. 

  • 3 cups Air Popped Popcorn with Coconut Oil + Nutritional Yeast

    Popcorn is a low FODMAP food up to 7 cups, so this is a great higher fibre, gut-friendly alternative to potato chips (which yes, are also low FODMAP for the record). Just drizzle with a bit of coconut oil salt and nutritional yeast for some cheesy flavour.

  • 1 cup of sliced red pepper and carrots, dipped in zucchini hummus

    Hummus is a tough one, as garlic, chickpeas and tahini can all ramp up the FODMAPS. My favourite low FODMAP recipe blog, George Eats, has a wonderful hummus-like dip make from zucchini.

  • ¼ cup of olives and ½ cup sliced kohlrabi

    Great if you’re craving a crunchy, salty snack; kohlrabi is veggie with a mild, slightly sweet taste, like the inside of a broccoli stalk.

  • 1 cup of frozen red grapes

    Grapes are low FODMAP in a one cup serving…but if you haven’t had frozen red grapes, you’re in for a treat. They taste like sherbet and are SO satisfying. Wash grapes and pat dry. Lay them on a parchment-lined cookie sheet and freeze until solid, then put them in a resealable container.

  • Sliced cucumber ‘crackers’ topped with ¼ cup chickpea ‘tuna’

    You can safely eat ¼ cup of canned chickpeas on a low FODMAP diet. ¼ cup of chickpea ‘tuna’ will be slightly less than ¼ of chickpeas. To make it, just mash a scant ¼ cup rinsed canned chickpeas with 2 tsp of vegan mayo, a bit of salt and pepper, ½ tsp of rice vinegar and 1 tbsp of finely diced celery. Mix, adjust salt and vinegar as needed. Then top cucumbers!

  • Healthy DIY hot chocolate

    Use my superfood hot chocolate recipe, but make with 2 tsp of cocoa (the low FODMAP serving) and a low FODMAP mylk: unsweetened almond, macadamia, or rice

  • 2 kiwifruit + 10 almonds

    Straightforward…sometimes you just got to keep it simple. Almonds can be high FODMAP, but is it worth enjoying the low FODMAP serving (10 nuts) to keep these nutrient-dense foods in your daily life. Sneak in every micro-opportunity you can get to pack in some more protein. 

  • Easy Low FODMAP Strawberry Smoothie

    My low FODMAP probiotic smoothie is light and fruity and great for a troubled tummy.

  • 1 cup of papaya drizzled with ½ cup of unsweetened coconut yogurt and sprinkled with a bit of cardamom
  • FODY Snack Bars

    Nope, this isn’t a sponsored post…but having a store-bought and ready-made emergency snack for your bag is a godsend. My kids adore these bars.

  • 20 macadamia nuts

    Mac nuts are such a treat…and they are totally low FODMAP so now is the time to treat yourself! If you want to kick it up a notch, melt 1 square of 85% dark chocolate with a tablespoon of almond milk and then drizzle it over the mac nuts. Chill until chocolate is firm.

  • Chia seed pudding

    2 tbsp of chia seeds is low FODMAP. Mix chia seeds with ¾ cup of low FODMAP non-dairy milk, 1 tsp each of vanilla and maple syrup and a bit of cinnamon. When ready, top with 1 tbsp of chopped nuts, like macadamia or almonds, and ½ cup of chopped low FODMAP fruit like strawberries, kiwi, papaya, or pineapple.

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