4 Foods Directly Linked to Weight Gain | quick weight loss | weight loss seattle | weight loss programs nyc

4 Foods Directly Linked to Weight Gain | quick weight loss | weight loss seattle | weight loss programs nyc


Unfortunately, many foods cause you to gain weight. Review some of the worst offenders here to help you make smart diet choices while taking Phentermine 37.5mg and after the miracle weight loss pill has helped you achieve your dream size. 

Diet Soda

All soda is bad for your health thanks to high sugar content and other chemicals. And while diet soda was once touted as a weight loss-friendly beverage, the artificial sweeteners it contains reportedly trick the body into thinking it’s consuming calories when it isn’t. This causes the body to enter a state called “metabolic arrangement” where blood glucose levels increase and insulin response lowers. It also increases the risk of type 2 diabetes among other health problems. 

Potato Chips

The favorite snack food promotes weight gain according to university studies. Not only are the chips fried, they contain so much grease that it’s impossible not to see a weight gain connection. All processed chips should be avoided to keep the waistline slim. 

French Fries

Like potato chips, French fries undergo deep frying that makes them dangerous to weight loss and overall health. Trans fat typically ends up around the midsection, and that’s in addition to increasing the risk of cancer among other health issues. And since most people like their fries with condiments such as cheese whiz, ranch dressing, and ketchup, the side dish becomes even more of a calorie bomb. 

White Bread

White bread and other refined grains make achieving a flat stomach challenging if they are consumed regularly. They increase sodium intake and therefore bloat while also containing no nutritional value whatsoever. Sodium causes you to gain water weight, and depending on how often you consume refined grains, can cause permanent bloat. 

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