Actually thriving with weight loss in isolation

Actually thriving with weight loss in isolation


Well this all started when I saw a meme of Uncle Iroh from ATLA and it said something along the lines of him coming out of isolation ripped and I really resonated with that ( ill post it here if I find it)

BUT ANYWAY, has anyone else felt like its easier to loose weight when you don’t have any distractions??? No friends going to Happy Hour, Trivia nights, bar crawls, dinner parties etc etc. With that being said, it also makes me worried knowing that my state is considering “opening back up” mid May. I am worried that once friends and family want to start going out again I am unable to make progress on my weight loss…or worse…gain it all back.

I guess it just sucks know that I’ll have to compromise getting beers with my friends and doing such things once I am able to. I don’t want to continue to isolate myself – for mental health reasons – if that means weight loss, but also I am doing so well right now and happy with the fact that I am seeing results.

Any tips for maintaining discipline when things go back to “normal”

UPDATE: I found it! Literally have it taped to my bathroom mirror. It really motivates me for some strange reason —


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