Behind the Laces: Melts Collection

Brooks Ice Cream Shoe, Melts Ghost 12, Melts Ricochet LE


Summertime running is a bit warmer, a bit sunnier and usually means you have fun, seasonal options for a celebratory post-run treat. We drew inspiration from some favorite ice cream treats with the limited-edition Melts Collection. New designs inspired by iconic flavors adorn the limited-edition Ghost 12 and Ricochet LE. We sat down with Nick Hemmer, senior footwear merchandising manager, to discuss this festive summer collection of footwear.


Can you provide some background on how this collection came to life?
The footwear team was brainstorming ideas for a unique and Brooks-spirited project that tied to summer running. We wanted to create shoes that brought energy in a Brooks way and was relatable for those who celebrate (and look forward to!) running in the summer. We dug into the things that truly resonated as iconic summer trends and honed in on the classic ice cream and ice pop flavors that you see everywhere during the summer months.


What styles are featured in the Melts Collection?
For the Melts Collection, we focused on Ghost 12, our latest update in the Cushion experience. For women, we’re also offering the Ricochet LE.  

The limited-edition Ghost 12 features a newly engineered mesh as well as a 3D Fit Print upper for a secure fit. The shoe’s BioMoGo DNA and DNA LOFT cushioned midsole provide a just-right softness without losing responsiveness and durability. The Segmented Crash Pad, an integrated system of shock absorbers, will cushion every stride and provide smooth heel-to-toe transitions for the runner.


The Ricochet LE features BioMoGo DNA and DNA AMP cushioning, providing a light, responsive ride to give more energy back to each stride. The flexible, arrow-point pattern on the outsole also provides a platform for quick transitions as you quickly move from heel-to-toe.  

How do we see these elements specifically appear on the shoes?

We wanted this collection to integrate a color story throughout the shoe with the midsole design being the hero. We drew inspiration from crowd-pleasing ice cream and ice pop flavors and let the design evolve from there.  

Brooks Ice Cream Shoe, Melts Ghost 12, Melts Ricochet LE


On the women’s Ghost 12, the sherbet colorway features a colorful, swirled midsole, evoking melting ice cream. Another flavor we brought to life was a classic – vanilla with sprinkles. The vanilla sprinkle colorway features creamy neutral tones and a sprinkle-patterned midsole, along with ombre shoe laces that fade from pink to orange.  

Brooks Ice Cream Shoe, Melts Ghost 12, Melts Ricochet LE

We also offer a women’s Ricochet LE include in vanilla sprinkles featuring the design elements of its Ghost 12 counterpart along with a waffle cone-inspired saddle. What is summer without a waffle cone?!


The men’s Ghost 12 offerings channel other favorite flavors including a rocket pop inspired colorway and a cookies and cream version. The rocket pop colorway draws inspiration from the popular tri-colored ice pop featuring blue, white and red, which fade from one color to the next on the midsole. The midsole itself is visually appealing because the three colors appear on a glossy-like finish, as if the ice pop is melting on the midsole. The colors pop against the brilliant blue upper.
Brooks Ice Cream Shoe, Melts Ghost 12, Melts Ricochet LE

The cookies and cream shoe features chocolate browns and blacks complemented by rich, creamy whites. To achieve this speckled effect throughout the upper, we chose a white underlayer to make to create a pop of color through the engineered air mesh. The cookie crumble pattern is speckled along the midsole as well as matching tonal shoelaces.


Are there other aesthetic touches that may not be super obvious when first looking at the shoe?

Along with some touches on the shoe laces of the cookies and cream and vanilla sprinkles colorways, the tongue labels of each shoe show the same design that’s featured on the midsole. We thought this was a nice way to carry those design elements throughout the shoe.


The Melts Collection will be a perfect addition to your summer running wardrobe. The Ghost 12 will sell for $130 and the Ricochet LE for $120. The collection is available at and at select retailers. While we love this shoe, we want you to Run Happy in the shoe that works for you. To find the shoe that works best with how your body moves, be sure to check out our Shoe Finder.


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