Down 30 lbs : loseit

Down 30 lbs : loseit


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Most of my life I’ve been small. I’m 5’4, 37M. Partied a bunch in my 20s, relished in traveling the world and enjoyed foreign cuisine and bar hopping in places I often couldn’t speak the language. Then I became a father. Then separated, then went through an ugly divorce. Stress and anxiety replaced my happy go lucky lifestyle and the weight kept piling on. In 2018 I weighed 167. Now I wasn’t sedentary. I worked out and did some running here and there but my love for good beer and being a foodie caught up with me. Then I threw my back out and stopped being active. I went to physical therapy and a chiropractor who basically told me the only way to keep the back pain at bay was to strengthen it. Along with that revelation came a lifestyle change. I stopped smoking altogether and drinking so much beer (replaced with red wine). It wasn’t until I started just strictly strength training that I started to see results. I then met someone who motivated me to be a better version of myself; physically, mentally and spiritually. We started going to the gym as often as we could and in a year I lost 25 lbs. I looked and felt great. I could play with my daughter without getting winded. My SO turned me onto MFP and I’ve lost another 5 lbs in just a couple of weeks. I’m 137 with a goal weight of 130 which I haven’t weighed since I was in my early 20s. I’m basically counting calories and with the lock down running a few miles a week and lifting weights in my garage (thank God I bought a weight set before all this went down). The biggest contributing factor was doing compound lifts like deadlifts, squats, barbell rows, bench presses and pull ups. I didn’t get big, but I don’t want to. I like the way I look, just want to tone out a bit more. Plan on doing a virtual run event soon with my SO.


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