Everybody’s home half marathon – Del Mar Times

Everybody’s home half marathon - Del Mar Times
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It was a one-of-a-kind half marathon, the first invitational professional race since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic. On Saturday, May 16, Del Mar residents Jim and Riley Pathman ran 265 laps around their house, racing against running coach Andrew Kastor in Mammoth Lakes, Calif., and ultra-marathoner and former Marine, Maggie Seymour, in Beaufort, SC. The event was live-streamed and featured special guest Deena Kastor, American marathon record holder, as well as announcers and mascots. Jim Pathman says he ran the race for his son, as part of their ongoing commitment to Team Hoyt San Diego, a group of runners and challenged athletes.


Jim, Riley and Lisa Pathman


“We wanted to give Riley a gift of something he has lost because of the pandemic. Globally, everything is different, but it gave him the sense of self as a competitor and a runner,” Jim said. The run took just under two and a half hours. “Riley had an amazing experience that was different, but perfectly normal and safe, because it was at home.”

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