First goal weight hit! : loseit

First goal weight hit! : loseit
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I had a MFP diary entry from October 2019 that said 111kg but I think I was more like 113kg in September, anyway…

I’ve been tracking calories on MFP and was cycling 3-4 times a week until recently (having to fully quarantine now due to living with covid positive person).

Today I have weighed in and I’m slightly under my first goal weight of 99kg. I’ve set myself smaller goals to ensure my motivation stays up and to remind myself that small achievements are just as important as the long term goal!

I’m starting to feel proud of myself, my friends are so supportive also! I wanted to post on here as well because unfortunately I don’t have a very good support system at home and I want to shout it from the rooftops that I am finally consistently losing weight!

Thank you to everyone that posts tips and motivations on here, I lurk A LOT and I’m really grateful to everyone! 😀

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