Huami Amazfit Bip Review

Huami Amazfit Bip Review

In this Huami Amazfit Bip Review, we’ll try to inform you about the features, functionalities, pros, and cons of this amazing low budget smartwatch.


If your theory of exercise is moving your arm joint across the table, it’s tough not to be influenced by the Amazfit Bip. While it does not claim to have the kind of health-related functionality provided by the Apple Watch or the Fitbit Versa, if you’re seeking a low-priced, feature-rich fitness tracker with notifications as well as long battery life, you might locate the Bip a terrific fit.


Style as well as Comfort

With its Apple Watch-inspired style, the Bip is relatively attractive for the cost and a pleasure to put on. Its soft silicone band fits both sturdy as well as petite wrists very.

At 1.1 ounces, the instance is so lightweight that the watch practically feels like a plaything, and also its square screen – surrounded by a thick, black bezel – not does anything to shoot down that perception. The display screen is evocative that of the Stone, because its 1.28-inch, 176 x 176-pixel shade screen is a low resolution as well as always on. The crown has an enjoyable responsive feeling as well as noise.

However, do not let the watch’s light weight fool you; its polycarbonate, matte-plastic construct and 2.5 D Corning Gorilla Glass capacitive touch display hold up to lots of wear and tear. Plus, the watch has IP68 water as well as dirt rating, which suggests it’s safeguarded from dirt and also can be submerged in up to 5 feet of water for thirty minutes.

The Bip comes in four shades: black, orange, green and grey. Although it does not comply with the smart dress code, the Bip’s black design conveniently incorporates with dressier outfits. Mostly, I consider it an enjoyable, valuable everyday flashy watch. The strap is a mere 20 millimeters so that you can replace it for different bands.


The Bip does not offer auto brightness option. So you cannot brighten the face backlight during the day and lower it during bedtime. However, if you allow the raise-to-wake function in the settings, you can illuminate the face with just a flick of the wrist.

A three-axis accelerometer, GPS/GLONASS, measure and also compass round out the Bip’s slate of sensors.


  • Brand Name: Amazfit
  • Function:Passometer,Mood Tracker,Sleep Tracker,Fitness Tracker,Call Reminder
  • GPS:Yes
  • Case Material:Precious Metals
  • Type:On Wrist
  • SIM Card Available:No
  • ROM:<128MB
  • Rear Camera:None
  • Waterproof Grade:Life Waterproof
  • Language:English
  • Band Detachable:Yes
  • RAM:<128MB
  • Application Age Group:Adult
  • Network Mode:None
  • Multiple Dials:No
  • System:None
  • Style:Fashion
  • Band Material:Silica Gel
  • Screen Size:1.28inch
  • Mechanism:No
  • Battery Capacity:220-300mAh
  • Compatibility:All Compatible
  • Language:Chinese
  • Name: Xiaomi Huami Amazfit Bip BIT Lite Smartwatch


The Bip runs on its exclusive OS along with the Mi Fit friend application for both iOS and Android. After syncing the watch with Mi Fit, the app takes control of monitoring and also record maintaining. Compared to the Fitbit Versa or the Apple Watch, however, the Bip has no app store and also few compatible third-party apps.

The Bip’s user interface is pure simpleness. Initially, you click the crown to unlock the watch. Beginning with the major face, you maintain swiping to the left for the significant procedures, tapping the one you desire for even more details.

Swiping up allows you access your email, calls, and messages. You can read e-mails on the watch as well as determine just how to get rid of the message. You can easily disable alerts by swiping down and toggle the “do not disturb” setting.

The Status pane lets you locate present stats for activities, heart rate, distance covered and calories burned. It lets you also notice whether you’ve been sitting still for long. The Weather condition pane shows the current weather and swiping up displays the five-day projection. Besides, the Bip integrates Alipay, the China-based third-party mobile payment system.

You can establish signals for landmarks like distance or have the watch alert you if your speed is also rapid or as well slow. You can even quickly access your most utilized activities by long-pressing the watch crown.

The watch has a haptic sensor that shakes when a message is available in, yet it is subtle, so as not to disturb your sleep. The power of the vibration is not adjustable, but it fits me just fine.

For wireless connectivity, the Bip employs a 4/5GHz Dual-band Wi-Fi and also Bluetooth 4.0 BLE. The controller is using Bluetooth to connect and is made of black and also white plastic.

Mi Fit App

This app is a phone-based sports app that measures outside activities like running, biking, walking, and treadmill. Mi Fit syncs and also stores positions, steps, range and even other details your watch gathers.

The application additionally lets you turn on notifies specifically from Facebook Carrier, WhatsApp, Instagram as well as YouTube, while a general control allows shipment of notifications from all various other applications for which you have actually made it possible for alerts. Regarding messages, interaction is not possible on the Bip. You can not reply to messages on this watch as you can with higher-end smartwatches. If you obtain an alert as well as needs to respond, you will need to bring your phone.

Heart Rate and Steps Tracking

With the watch’s GPS, pedometer as well as heart rate monitor coupled with the Mi Fit application, you can track your activities as well as set progression objectives. The watch records your speed with or without GPS.

Tracking your distance when walking, running and cycling with the Bip’s GPS is very accurate. The watch immediately picked up a location GPS signal (or suggested me to go outdoors or tip to a different area to capture the signal) and afterward recorded my course as I strolled or ran.

You can set the watch to take a constant heart rate monitor or have the heart rate monitor run regularly while you’re sleeping. Exactly how accurate is the heart rate monitor? Of course, it is not very precise. However, after my spell of running, jumping jacks, stairway climbing as well as functioning around the house, the Bip showed sensibly accurate.

Comparing the Bip with the Garmin Leader 25 as well as its buddy strap-on heart rate monitor verifies the Bip’s accuracy and efficiency. Using both watches simultaneously, the metrics recorded were similar.

The Bip often tended to strike the optimal heart rate much faster than the Leader, yet within the min, the Garmin also beeped cautions. On the other hand, the Bip took more time to drop its heart rate data as I reduced my speed. However, after several seconds, the metrics on both watches were mainly identical, or so close as to be statistically trivial.

Sleep Tracking

After a night of rest, Mi will provide you a rest ranking. It’ll tell you exactly how your rest rates compared to other Mi users, and afterward, it’ll simplify between deep rest, light sleep and also awake time. This part of the breakdown isn’t that great. I’ll clarify.

One evening, it informed me I had an hour and 57 mins of deep rest, 4 hrs and 35 mins of light rest and also no conscious time. That gives me a total amount of 6 hours and 32 mins of rest. Nevertheless, the Fitbit Cost 2 logged me in at 4 hours and 50 mins of sleep – which was more precise. Actually, I got up at 4 am as well as could not go back to rest up until 6 am. The Cost 2 acknowledged that I was wide awake as well as tossing around, the Bip did not.

The enjoyable component of Bip’s rest insights is that it gives you very specific readings. As an example, it informed me that I slept far too late and also used an earlier bedtime. It likewise keeps an eye on rest uniformity, letting me know if I’ve been maintaining to a common going to bed as well as whether I’ve been waking up at a constant time also.

The Bip is quite satisfactory health and fitness. Also, the Mi companion app is trying truly hard to making it all feel great as well as helpful. However, if you want accurate and precise metrics, you shouldn’t probably rely on it 100%.

The Bip uses concerning a loads watch deals with, but just like the Stone, a home sector has developed to supplement that rather puny selection. A lot of the Bip’s digital watches show military (24-hour) time, instead of 12-hour time– something that can not be adjusted in the setups. Some third-party watch faces are available in Android applications like Amazfit Watch Faces and Amazfit Bip WatchFace website.

Huami Amazfit Bip Review Watch Faces

On iOS, AmazTools gives a significant selection of new watch encounters. It additionally allows you to export your statistics to Strava or as.gpx data, in addition, to remotely control your cam, flashlight and even your Spotify music gamer (Pro memberships just). On Android, the feature-rich Notify & Health and fitness for Amazfit, along with offering even more watch faces, tracks actions, sleep, heart price, calories as well as weight information, while the Devices & Amazfit application, made to collaborate with Mi Fit, expands the Bip’s functionality with detailed notification features and arrangement alternatives.

Battery Life

Bip’s most significant feature is its battery life. It has a 190-mAh lithium-polymer battery that promises to last as long as 45 days under normal usage, that includes task as well as a sleep monitor. However, consistent use of GPS and heart rate monitoring will undoubtedly reduce that battery life much more. After 15 days of use, with GPS and also the heart rate screen on, the Bip’s battery meter went to 40%.

When your battery does eventually drop, you can charge it for a couple of hours to juice your watch back up.


At less than $70, the Amazfit Bip is among the least-expensive health and fitness trackers with both GPS and also a heart price display. It has a pretty good friend app, in addition to a number of independent, compatible apps for iPhone and Android. In case you fancy music storage, a dedicated app store and the capacity to reply to e-mails and texts, you’ll have to search for a premium smartwatch.

But if you fancy something that has a lot of features, the Amazfit Bip might be your jam.

Where to buy: AliExpress, Gearbest

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