I finally conquered my fear of the front squat! : loseit

I finally conquered my fear of the front squat! : loseit


I’m so freakin’ excited.

Rewind back a couple years: I was terrified of the barbell. It looked so intimidating to me and I always avoided it.

I joined a new women’s only gym that had a class called ‘Power’ and used barbells (the really light-weight ones). This was my first real introduction to weight lifting.

In that class, I learned the ins and outs of deadlifts, back squats, cleans and overhead presses – all the major moves that had really freaked me out before. Doing them in a group setting really helped me conquer my fears.

Fast forward to today – I’ve been trying to get back into a strength routine since the beginning of January. I’ve dabbled with a few different routines, trying to find one that I like. I settled on a Pull-Push-Legs routine but I noticed it contained the dreaded front squat.

I avoided it for a few weeks in favour of back squats but today I finally said ‘screw this’ and gave it a go with the 45lbs barbell.

Aaaand I quickly learned that:

a.) It’s nothing to be afraid of

b.) I can get way better depth compared to my back squat

c.) I look like a total badass when I do it!

So I’m feeling pretty great about that. Gym equipment can bring out some irrational fears and the key is to just give them a try.

Are there any exercises or equipment that you’ve feared?


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