I lost nearly 30 lbs in quarantine thanks to consistent tracking : loseit

I lost nearly 30 lbs in quarantine thanks to consistent tracking : loseit


Staying in shape has always been difficult for me…it’s something I’ve struggled with throughout my life. Both a genetic propensity to store weight and my sedentary desk job have been huge contributors.

After topping 270 lbs, I decided to do something about it. I chose keto because the reduced emphasis on tracking calories was appealing (strict calorie tracking always made my head spin). At least in theory…I say that because keto never lasted more than a week. I played too loose with carb counting “slippery sloped” my way from making any progress.

Worse, it seems every time I tried to restart my diet, life got in the way. In January, a close friend died. Weight loss hardly seemed like a priority, so I told myself it was ok as long as I promised to try again sometime in March.

Then, covid-19 hit. I decided to give it one last try…if only so I could subconsciously see myself fail and then make excuses about “I tried everything but weight loss wasn’t in the cards for me, it’s not my fault, yada yada.”

To my surprise…I was wrong. In fact since I started quarantine, I’m down nearly 30 (28.3 to be exact) lbs!

For me, the difference between this time was that it was mandatory to make the hard parts of dieting (tracking, figuring out what to eat, etc) one of three things: simple, mindless, or fun.

For example, here’s what tracking looks like for me (the photos are taken today):



It takes 2 minutes, tops. Or take eating for example…I actually try to order the same meal from the same 2 or 3 restaurants for lunch. My first food-related decision of the day is mindless. I make it then move onto other things.

Here’s what my day has looked like for the last 5-6 weeks:

  • First, I weigh myself every day, first thing in the morning after using the bathroom. I don’t get discouraged if my weight doesn’t budge one day, because I know it will go down eventually as long as I’m following my plan.

  • I use a tool/website named Ruby that makes tracking quick and simple. You can take a picture of your meals, and Ruby will tell you the macros (see image above). You can also track by messaging Ruby on Facebook chat and just telling it what you ate.

  • I practice Intermittent Fasting, which means skipping breakfast and waiting until noon for my first meal.

  • For lunch, I stick to ordering takeout from 3-4 restaurants that have keto-friendly meals.

  • For my next meal/meals, I limit myself to a selection of items I’ve bought at the grocery–eggs, ground beef, bacon, etc. This smaller selection has allowed me to be more consistent. If I really want to, I’ll go back to one of my lunch restaurants.

  • I eat these things and track until I get close to my targets (see image below) or until I’m full. I don’t think about food before my feeding window starts or after it ends. I just keep myself busy.


For the first time in my life, tracking doesn’t seem daunting and has finally enabled me to do keto successfully.

I know I’ve mentioned Ruby a few times but do know that I am not affiliated with this site in any way, and don’t want this to come across as a plug. I just wanted to share it because it’s definitely been one of the keys to making keto finally stick long enough to lose 30 lbs! (My username is @quarantim, so follow me if you join).

Hopefully, the advice given here will work for others as well. Most importantly, keep trying even if it doesn’t stick the first time or two! It would literally take me two hands to count the number of times I tried keto and failed. Sometimes it takes several revs of the engine to get things going.


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