Just a few pounds away from a 60 pound loss at 17. Never thought I would be able to do it. : loseit

Today is a special day because I hit my goal weight and my weight now matches my drivers license again! (SW:182lbs GW/CW:133lbs) : loseit
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Major driving factors for me wanting to lose weight: (in no particular order)

  1. being the fat friend in the group

  2. guys only wanting to talk to me behind closed doors

  3. not fitting on the rollercoaster ride, getting kicked off and crying my way home

  4. being out of breath all the time

  5. nearing a size 20 once again

  6. wasn’t comfortable anywhere- my weight and self confidence decided where i went and what i did

  7. my chest size was becoming unmanageable and I was too heavy for a reduction

  8. I was morbidly obese and on the way to death

But what really woke me up was going to the doctor for back pain, seeing my X ray, and how much fat was covering my body. I will never forget that. I asked the doctor, “Would that be what my body would look like without the fat?” And she told me yes.

Obviously I’d still have some fat, but the short answer- yes that would be my silhouette. I never knew my body was that small. There were INCHES of fat layering my body. I could literally see what was on top of healthy muscle and what was crushing my bones. It was a visual of what I was putting my body through, and holy shit it scared me.

I started tracking what I was eating and using CICO. I joined lose it on reddit (I love you guys!!!) and took it slowly. The first few months I tracked here and there and went over my calorie goal quite frequently. After the 3 month mark, I was fairly consistent. I got involved in weightlifting and became a HELLLLLL of a lot more confident in myself.

I am still working on it. But here’s some things I’ve gained:

  1. I’m no longer the fat friend in the group

  2. guys want to talk to me now because my attitude is less negative and i’m more confident. I don’t feel like i’m “not worthy” anymore

  3. I went on that damn rollercoaster over 20 times and went to the fair BY MYSELF to do it. And guess what? I loved it.

  4. I can breathe comfortably

  5. I’m wearing a size 10/12 for the first time since middle school

  6. When I feel self conscious I know it’s my mind playing tricks on me- not a fact.

  7. I can now qualify for a breast reduction because I lost weight

  8. I am almost in the “overweight” category for BMI, and am only considered “obese” instead of “morbidly obese” (maybe not a great accomplishment but I think it is)

I also stopped smoking, started attending college full time and dual enrolling and found new friends. I was alone for a majority of this “transition”. It sucks man, it really does, but it is SO worth it.

Edit: I accidentally pressed done before I was done writing hahah.

Here’s my progress photo!!! PROGRESS PICS

For reference: I am 5’1 and went from 228-170

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