My method of logging : loseit

My method of logging : loseit


I’ve been meaning to post this for a while and I’m finally getting round to it!

The common advice given here for food logging is to use the MFP or LoseIt app which look good but I know (from bitter experience) won’t work for me. It’s because using an app the reminder isn’t visible and present so it’s too easy to ignore. I know they work well for many people.

Anyhow I’ve been using a notebook for the past 5 months to record my daily weight, food eaten and exercise. I also log my daily weight into a chart so I can see any progress graphically.

You see here the daily logging for a couple of days and the chart I make each month. I’ve changed what I’ve done a little over the months but have settled on this fairly simple approach.

Hopefully that will help someone else who finds that apps aren’t working.


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