My weight loss journey! : loseit

My weight loss journey! : loseit


Hey guys!

Just wanted to share my progress in losing weight with everyone because I posted my progress before here on Reddit and I received excellent feedback which motivates me even more to work hard and never give up on my goal and dream! Hopefully it motivates someone else who is reading this post because nothing is impossible!

I always wanted to be fit (have 6 pack) even at very young age but I always said I will do something, but after a week or two I would give up and give myself some excuse and then forget about my dream. But somehow last summer around mid July I listened David Goggins book “Can’t hurt me” and I will say it changed my life completely.

It ignited the fire and motivation that I needed for the breakthrough and after that I set myself my own goals and now I pretty much live the lifestyle which seemed unreasonable before! I workout pretty much everyday (I don’t recommend this to beginners) and my diet is high protein with healthy fats (omega’s) and complex carbs like oatmeal for example. I don’t drink soda, eat fast food, I am not a smoker and I seldom drink. At first you might think this lifestyle is boring but when you realize that health should be your number one priority in life your thinking changes! My blood pressure was very high for my weight and height. I have high genetic BP so I have to live healthy to sustain my good health so when I get older I still have amazing health and strong heart etc.

People get used to everything and that was key for me. I just had to beat the first two to three weeks of diet and a lot of exercise before I get used to it. Now it’s my lifestyle and so far I have lost 20kg/45lbs. I look better, I feel better, my sleep has improved, my mood is not that aggressive and depressed I think more positive about life in general. I don’t regret not eating sweet stuff like candy at all after a while you just don’t even crave it that much.

I have my entire journey filmed and I made a sort of motivation video so if someone is interested in my journey you can check me out on YouTube just type ElvisLifts and you will find me! Any support is highly appreciated!

If you have any questions feel free to ask!

Some stats about me:

My height is 1.89m

My starting weight was 114kg/251lbs

My current weight is 94kg/207lbs

My blood pressure was 170/65 now it is 130/75


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