Obsessions: How I lost 34 lbs in 80 days

Obsessions: How I lost 34 lbs in 80 days


Stats: 37M 6'5" SW: 286 GW:220(est.) CW:252 semi-active IT Tech lifing weights 3 or 4 times a week

http://imgur.com/gallery/ipfUag7 (NSFW – dude in boxers)

I have been so inspired by all the progress pictures, stories of triumph, and major milestones. The thing that really kept me going were the stories of failure, followed by getting up and going again.

This is a story of obsessions.

October of 2019 I was feeling pretty unhealthy. Sure, i had managed to keep my weight under 300 for a year, after my doctor threatened me with blood pressure medication. But i was still frightfully out of shape. A sort of giant amorphous blob.

Then inspiration struck. I have OCD, and go through cycles of obsessions. Cleaning, counting, organizing. I suddenly realized i had a new obsession: health.

Oh boy…

I knew two things: 1- I would be almost insufferable to those around during the obsession cycle, and 2- I had a limited amount of time to create life-long habits, before the obsession changed. So I got to work immediately. I started Intermittent fasting, cut out soda and candy bars, muffins and chips, and bought fresh ground natural peanut butter. Chicken and vegetables became my staples. I downloaded an app for home workout. Bodyweight everything.

It did cause some strife in the home. Not eating with my girlfriend became a bit of an issue. Stopped going to karaoke and having 3-4 glasses of scotch. Spending 60-90 minutes 5 or 6 days a week cut into other time. But I was obsessed. I could not be stopped.

I lost 30 lbs in 56 days.

Around day 70 it hit. The unravel. The obsession waned, and my attention turned elsewhere. But I had a habit now. Progress begets progress. I'm now on day 84. I've lost 34 lbs and 6 inches from my waistline. Dropped from size 44 to 38 (which is still pretty loose on me).

Things are slowing down slightly. The holidays threw the progress out of whack a bit. However, I am now doing strength training as well as cardio and IF, so I know I will keep moving towards my goals. I'm never going back.

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