Running Outside The Comfort Zone

Running Outside The Comfort Zone


In this episode we bring you an interview with Susan Lacke, author of the new book Running Outside The Comfort Zone -An Explorer’s Guide To The Edges of Running.

In the quick tip segment Angie answers a question about what to do if your training plan doesn’t have the correct number of weeks until race day.

Susan Lacke is a college professor and writer for Women’s Running, Competitor, and Triathlete. Her new book is called Running Outside the Comfort Zone -An Explorer’s Guide to the Edges of Running.

Some of the races she did in her year of running outside the comfort zone:

  • The Pony Express 50 miler in Utah
  • Empire State Building Run Up
  • Grand Canyon Rim-to-Rim
  • Across the Years 24-Hour Race
  • Caliente Bare Dare 5k (naked run)
  • Cooper’s Hill Cheese Roll in the UK
  • Midwest Wife Carrying Championship with her husband
  • The Comrades Marathon in South Africa

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