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Best for

Regular training, long, slow training runs, speedwork on flat surfaces, short trail races (up to half marathons), marathon and 50k trail races, ultra distances, 50 miles and greater


Best for
moderate trails, technical trails, rocky areas, muddy areas, through creeks and streams, through snowy or icy sections


The Sense 4 Pro provides excellent grip and traction on all kind of terrains and surfaces

Lack Traction

Average Traction

Provide Traction


The Sense 4 Pro offers just the right amount of cushioning

Little cushioning

Medium cushioning

Highly cushioned

Heel to toe drop




Pros and cons according to our running expert

  • Responsive
  • Excellent traction on all types of terrain
  • Well-protected on the upper and underfoot
  • Narrow fit might not be for everyone
  • Lacing system is difficult to use

The Salomon Sense 4 Pro is built for trail running performance over a range of terrain and conditions. This shoe provides structure and protection to inspire confidence and stability without sacrificing responsiveness or agility.

The Salomon Sense 4 Pro upgrades the midsole and outsole on the newest model of this shoe for a fast, protected run for any distance or terrain.

The integration of OptiVibe technology in the midsole minimizes impact and increases responsiveness. This Contagrip outsole, improved from the previous model, offers excellent traction on variable terrain.

The structured upper holds your foot in place; however, its narrower fit may not accommodate wider width feet. At $140, this shoe is on the higher end but still gets a decent bang for your buck.

Cushioning Type

The Sense 4 Pro is more responsive thanRead more plush: provides energy return and some shock

Cushioning Amount

The Sense 4 Pro offers just the right amountRead more of cushioning

Little cushioning

Highly cushioned


The Sense 4 Pro is quite rigid and does notRead more flex easily


The Sense 4 Pro has some inherent stabilityRead more and support

Not particularly stable

Very stable

Salomon Sense 4 - Pair

Salomon Sense 4 – Pair

Out of the box, I loved the colorway on this shoe but was concerned about getting the bright white outsole dirty on both the mud and dust that I encounter on a typical Colorado trail run.

The fit was narrow and structured – almost stiff initially.

The Quicklace system allowed for quick and simple tightening; however, tucking the laces into the lace pocket never felt very quick or neat to me.

I had to carefully roll the excess laces and push them into the lace pocket or wad them up and stuff them in like a wad of gum. This was my experience, but others seem to really like this lace system.

After getting accustomed to the narrower fit of this shoe, it felt snug and stabilizing and inspired confidence by keeping my foot in place.

The Contagrip outsole performed as well as any Vibram material and maintained its integrity over many miles of abrasive terrain (ie., rocks and roads).

I was pleased with how well the Profeel film upper protected my foot from rocks and debris. Further, the hydrophobic mesh kept water out of the shoe in wet weather and snow.

After over fifty miles on a wide range of terrain types, the Sense Pro 4 proved to be a comfortable and responsive shoe that performed well and withstood wear on everything from dry roads to slick and sloppy uphill slogs.

These are go-to shoes for everyday training or race day.

Salomon Sense 4 - Sole

Salomon Sense 4 – Sole

This shoe felt protective from the get-go.

The textile and synthetic upper material feels durable and protective utilizing Salomon’s Profeel Film technology to filter out rocks and sharp objects without adding extra weight.

Over snow, mud, and stream crossings, I had no issues with water entering this shoe through the hydrophobic upper.

For the most part, the hard rubber Contagrip outsole protected from hazards underfoot – although, increased spacing between the lugs slightly increased the likelihood getting poked and prodded by rocks and roots.


The rock plate in the Sense 4 Pro providesRead more adequate protection from sharp rocks on the

Not present

Solid protection


The Sense 4 Pro provides excellent grip andRead more traction on all kind of terrains and surfaces

Lack Traction

Provide Traction

Water resistance

The Sense 4 Pro is made of a water-proofRead more material, ideal for extremely wet conditions
Salomon Sense 4 - Top

Salomon Sense 4 – Top

After about 100 miles in this shoe through some tough mountain terrain, there is some sign of wear on the outsole lugs. However, overall, this shoe has held up well with minimal wear and tear on the upper.

I would be willing to wear this shoe for a long ultra distance race with technical terrain.

Salomon Sense 4 - Sole

Salomon Sense 4 – Sole

These shoes felt incredibly responsive for a trail shoe, which would make it great for a trail race and any training runs. The 4mm drop offers a balance of stability and precision.

The upgrade on this shoe model has a grippier midsole than the previous model with more space between lugs, giving you the traction needed to tackle hills on both the up and down with confidence in your traction.

The Optivibe foam midsole technology delivers on its goal of minimizing the impact of debris on the trail and increasing shock absorption and responsiveness.

Salomon Sense 4 - Top

Salomon Sense 4 – Top

The fit is narrow and felt stiff out of the box. I had some concerns about how comfortable these shoes would be over longer runs and had to experiment with socks because I did get spots between my toes.

After finding socks that worked well (merino wool blend) and a few runs breaking the shoes in, these hot spots did not recur and I found the shoes to feel comfortable and secure.

These shoes fit accurately lengthwise. They do run narrow and do not come in widths, posing potential issues for runners with wider feet or who prefer a roomy toe box.


The Sense 4 Pro has average sizing: buy theRead more usual size

Buy size smaller

Buy size bigger

Salomon Sense 4 - Heel

This shoe feels like a road running shoe optimized for a trail; so I found it to be quick and responsive with features that effectively protect against trail hazards and tackle rough terrain.

While I love the fast feeling of a larger drop shoe on the trail, the responsiveness delivered by the Optivibe midsole compensates with noticeable energy return.

Further, if you are comfortable in a narrower shoe, this shoe offers a feeling of security and reliability in its fit and protection over all trail terrain.

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Salomon Sense 4 Pro

Sorry – Product not found. Please try Amazon UK to check in their assortment.

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