Significant muscle loss/fat gain. I am not sure what is going on, or how to fix it. : loseit

Significant muscle loss/fat gain. I am not sure what is going on, or how to fix it. : loseit
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I’m currently 5’10”, 150lbs. I do intermittent fasting, 18/6. I’ve been lifting for several years, and have a very strong understanding of my nutrition and workout routine. For the past 2 months or so in quarantine, my workout was modified by has relatively stayed the same. I eat 2200-2300 calories on workout days, 1900 on rest days, and do one full day fast a week. I weigh and track all my calories and weight everyday, and for the most past everything has stayed the same, including my weight, although I was getting leaner until around April 15. Overall I was seeking to have just a very small deficit to very slowly get leaner but overall maintain my weight.

For the first month or so, I got a little bit leaner while staying the same weight, but in just the past 2-3 weeks, I’ve significantly gotten worse. I noticed because I weigh myself everyday and take pictures once a week. I was starting to notice something “off” starting April 20, but I didn’t know what it was since I hadn’t changed anything in my routine. By today, I’ve noticed something significantly off, prompting me to compare the pictures I had taken. Here are the pictures, basically from the start of lockdown until today.

My weight is the same in all the picures. All my measurements are the same in each photo as well (waist, chest, shoulders, etc). Since my weight and measurements are exactly the same but I look clearly fatter in the last picture, the only logical conclusion is that I lost muscle and gained fat. However, I am extremely confused as to why this is happening? I was making good progress in the first month or so of lockdown (I got a bit leaner despite staying at the same weight based on comparison pictures). Then suddenly everything went to crap in the past few weeks despite nothing changing in my routines, making me lose worse than even when I started. And I’ve been looking like this and getting worse for the past few weeks. I’m not sure what is it that I’m doing wrong and how I can fix this problem?

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