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We’re back with the first Magness & Marcus Podcast on Coaching of 2017. In this episode, we have a long and frank discussion on interval workouts. What are they, what do they do, are there magical interval workouts, and should everyone should get over Tabata sprints?

When it comes to interval workouts, we tend to fall in line with “default” workouts. The same standard repeat sessions that we’ve always done. Perhaps a famous coach told us to do them, or maybe we did them as an athlete, but what happens is we tend to rely on a few tried and true workouts.In this episode, we challenge you to be creative. To stop seeing interval workouts as predictors for workouts, but instead to see them as an artist would. By manipulating the speed, rest, density, length, location, pacing, and more, we can creatively develop workouts that continue to challenge our athletes and cause them to adapt in multiple ways. We need to get out of the only physiological endpoint and instead consider all aspects of the workout.

We break it all down for you in this episode, with a small tangent on High School running and coaching.

We hope you enjoy,

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Resources mentioned:

Speed Work for Distance Training by Bob Schul


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