25lbs progress in 10 weeks

25lbs progress in 10 weeks
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10 weeks progress

So i wish i had taken photos of my starting point at 351 lbs, but the truth is i hated the camera back then. Ive been steadily losing through a decent diet and regular exercise.

However on 2nd November 2019 i met Vinny the Personal Trainer (aka The best thing that has ever happened to me). i started an intensive weightlifting programme with him and he taught me about macros and basic nutrition, and made me keep my food diary.

My weigh in is each Saturday so the first photos are on 2nd November, the second batch are on 11th January. Vinny is so pleased at how i have consistently lost weight each week, and tracked my food and macros. I struggled with the weights training at first, but now im starting to love it and am seeing progress in terms of max reps and max weights.

Advice to anyone starting out is to take photos before you start and as you go along. I was a bit scared at standing in a sports bra and shorts in front of a guy i had only just met, but i told myself to wise up, Vinny only wants the best for me!

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