25(m) 6ft4” Lost 3st 1.6lb since May 2020

25(m) 6ft4” Lost 3st 1.6lb since May 2020


Starting weight: 21st Current weight: 17st 12.3lb Goal weight: let’s see where it goes!

I was diagnosed with severe hypothyroidism from a young age and so my health has always bounced around – genetics are fun…

Before I got married I was 14st; I used to lift everyday and cycle 11 miles to and from college, 5 days a week, while maintaining a 1000cal diet, I wasn’t always this weight, I grew up as a fat kid, peaking at 23st! Due to family life and having 2 children I do not have time to go to the gym – I work days, my wife works nights with 2 hours overlap, so childcare would always be an issue. It hit me one day that I want to be around to watch my children grow up, and not be the fattest dad on the school grounds, dying from a self induced heart attack at 50.

I am maintaining a 800cal diet – one meal a day helps with this, drinking water and zero calorie soft drinks only.

weight loss graph

Tip: always weight yourself on the same day every week, before eating/drinking!

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