264lbs to 168lbs & 16yrs of progress : loseit

264lbs to 168lbs & 16yrs of progress : loseit


I finally reached a healthy BMI this morning after 16yrs of wanting it. I don’t think I’d say I was trying to get to a healthy BMI for 16yrs. There was many times I would put effort into losing weight to give up and gain several pounds. But this morning I arrived at the ever elusive 24.9 BMI and wanted to share.

Starting 264lbs

Wedding 5/04/2019 about 205lbs

Wedding Dress now

Other currentish pic

Dog Tax

I startedc at 264lbs and doing WW with my ex 16yrs ago. I was around 185lbs when that relationship ended in an emotional mess and I binge ate 50lbs back in 6 months. I moved across the country and ended up near Seattle. I feel in love with hiking and started trying to lose again. I would get real close to a healthy weight and gain a bunch back. Probably went through 5 or 6 cycles of this yoyo. I never made it back to 264lbs. Eventually I found Stronger U (nutrition coaching that uses macros) last fall. I signed up for a year. I’ve been losing pretty steady with a few hiccups along the way. But this morning I weighed in at 168 exactly to put me at 24.9 BMI. I’m ecstatic but know the work isn’t over yet. I still want to get down a few more lbs before I transition to maintenance. The coach will guide me in maintenance until my year is up the end of Oct. I haven’t decided if I’ll sign up again or what exactly to do. I’ll cross that bridge when I get there. I’ve also returned to running that I love. Just can’t wait til the parks and mountains open up again to do more hiking.


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