38M – 12 months, 335lbs to 220lbs.

38M - 12 months, 335lbs to 220lbs.
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This last year has been wild. When I started my weight loss I was fairly depressed since my early 20s. I probably still am a little, but losing all this weight has been one thing that has been lifted off of me. At my highest, I believe I was around 370, maybe more. I wasn't putting myself on a scale.

I started small by changing one thing at a time. I used to drink sodas all the time. I switched to drinking only Coke Zero. After a while I switched in glasses of water until I was only drinking water. Still to this day, water is the only thing I will drink. Once I did that, I started on portion control. I still eat what I want I just don't eat as much of it as I used to. Instead of eating an entire pizza in one sitting, I will only eat 2 slices. I cut out sides. Pretty much just eat less than i did.

Dabbled with intermittent fasting and OMAD as well. A few months into making changes I got a gym membership but only went 2 days a weeks mainly doing cardio. After getting my stamina up I gradually worked up to going 4-5 days a week, being able to do 5 miles on the elliptical. Started working in weights though I don't really know how to use them properly so I still basically do cardio. With gyms closed at the moment I haven't been in a couple months. I will have to work up the motivation and stamina again. Not looking forward to that, yet I am.

My goal is to get down to 190. I am sure I can go more but I'll see.

Here is a before and after and the tracking. I weigh every morning but only log when I lose.

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