4 More Ways You’re Gaining Weight Without Realizing It | phentermine 37.5 mg | quick weight loss Miami | how to lose weight fast los angeles

4 More Ways You’re Gaining Weight Without Realizing It | phentermine 37.5 mg | quick weight loss Miami | how to lose weight fast los angeles


Weight gain can happen when you least expect it, and from ways you didn’t know were contributing to a wider waistline. Here, review three more ways you may be gaining weight without realizing it and therefore injuring your Phentermine 37.5mg regimen. 

You Use The “Broken Cookie” Rule

It’s easy to think you’re helping your weight loss efforts when you take one bite of a cookie here and another bite of a brownie there. Unfortunately, all those little nibbles add up quickly, making it possible to ingest 100 or more calories unwittingly. Help yourself by keeping a food diary and abstaining from buying cookies and other sweet treats whenever possible. 

You Snack From The Bag

Sure, it can seem like you aren’t eating a lot when you grab a handful of chips or similar snacks from the bag. Unfortunately, you have no real idea of how much you’re eating and subsequently how many calories you’re consuming. Use bowls to portion your snacks so you know exactly how much you’re eating every time. 

You Always Have An Adult Beverage In The Evening

Yes, it’s nice to relax with an alcoholic beverage after a long day, but doing it routinely contributes to weight gain. Drinks such as daiquiris and margaritas are among the worst offenders in terms of calories, and light beer isn’t much better. Look for other ways to unwind, such as going for a post-dinner walk.

You Eat A Whole Lot Of Nuts

Nuts come loaded with healthy fats and other nutrients, making them part of any well-rounded diet. But much like avocado, eating too many nuts on a daily basis racks up the calorie count fast. Count the nuts you eat or purchase packages containing 100 calories to avoid overconsumption issues. 
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