40lbs down & I CANT BELIEVE IM DOING IT!! : loseit

40lbs down & I CANT BELIEVE IM DOING IT!! : loseit



Hey everyone!! I’m officially 40 lbs down today and I could not be more excited. Given that I have so much to lose I haven’t really been able to notice a difference in my appearance yet, but when i compared this outfit now to in February (at aprox. 290) I can definitely see a change!

I’m still trying to figure out exactly what my goal weight is, but I know I still have over 100lbs to lose and I’m okay with that. This weight loss journey has already given me so much confidence and discipline that I’m enjoying every step of the way. I have tried and failed so many diets, told myself so many times that I will start tomorrow, and always failed. I’m so incredibly proud of myself for actually sticking with it this time and making some real life changes.

A few things that have been working for me…

  • moving out of my parents house and living with active, healthy people

  • CICO. I’m realizing that I have NO concept of what a serving size is unless I measure and log it. My mind is legitimately boggled that people can live their lives maintaining a healthy weight without actively controlling & measuring what they eat!

  • moving more, even as simple as going on daily walks.

  • cooking almost everything at home. Corona has really helped me kick my restaurant/takeout addiction lol

  • being aware of my late night snacking tendencies and purposefully saving most of my calories for the end of the day

  • checking this sub and few others every morning for motivation

  • I am an extreme foodie (and I would guess food addict) and so I view trying to cook low cal/healthy/volume recipes as a fun challenge.

Anyways, thanks to everyone who read this post and sorry to boast 😂 you’ll probably be hearing from me when I’m down 50 lbs next!

progress pic!


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