#410: Trail Running Tips, Trick, and Tales

#410: Trail Running Tips, Trick, and Tales
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Sarah and Amanda talk all things trail running with Sarah Lavender Smith, a running coach and author of The Trail Runner’s Companion. A veteran of 93 (!) marathons and ultras, Sarah shares:

  • her personal transformation from smoker to accomplished ultramarathoner;
  • the importance of optimism and adaptability when hitting the trail;
  • safety-related scenarios to be prepared for (hint: it’s not “wild animals and creepy people”);
  • her favorite pre-run warm-up exercises; and,
  • an eye-opening way of looking at “walking” mid-run.

The intro chitchat runs the gamut, including Sarah talking about her continued Missoula Marathon training. The Other Sarah joins the show at 15:07.

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