4KOR Fitness Hip Band Resistance Loop Circle Perfect for Dynamic Warm-Ups and Activating Hips and Glutes (3 Piece Grippy Set, All 3- M/L/XL)

4KOR Fitness Hip Band Resistance Loop Circle Perfect for Dynamic Warm-Ups and Activating Hips and Glutes (3 Piece Grippy Set, All 3- M/L/XL)

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The 4KOR Hip Band is the ultimate tool for hip and glute activation/strength as well as dynamic warm up. Simply wear the Hip Band above your knees and go for a long stride walk. You can strengthen your weak and painful “granny hips” by putting on the Hip Band and walking forward, backward, and side to side. You can use the Hip Band to squat, sumo Deadlift (feet out wide) or while simply walking on the treadmill! Coaches love using the Hip Band to cue their athletes to force their knees out while squatting and sumo deadlifting.

The 2nd Generation Hip Band is a stiffer material that provides more resistance.

The Grippy Pink Hip Band has 2 strips of tacky rubber along the inside to ensure the Hip Band stays in place during an exercise.

4KOR Hip Band approximate size chart by bodyweight:
Medium (13″) under 120 lbs. bodyweight
Large (15″) 121-250 lbs. bodyweight
XL (16.5″) over 250 lbs. bodyweight

4KOR 2nd Generation Hip Band approximate size chart by bodyweight:
Large under 230 lbs. bodyweight
XL over 230 lbs. bodyweightBUILD HIP AND GLUTE STRENGTH WHILE IMPROVING YOUR PHYSIQUE- These 3″ hip bands from 4KOR Fitness make it easy to target your hips, glutes, and legs to help transform your lower body. Use our no-slip hip bands to activate glutes before a leg workout, use them during a leg workout to add intensity, or after a leg workout as a finisher or leg burnout.
INTENSIFY LEG EXERCISES AND MAXIMIZE GAINS- Add our hip band to your leg day routine and instantly feel the extra intensity. Not only will it help shape and firm thighs and glutes, it will strengthen hip abductors and external rotators. And since each band has a built-in no-slip grippy liner, it stays in place during all your toughest exercises for a frustration-free experience.
IMPROVES LIFTING FORM AND EFFECTIVE WARMUP TOOL- Wear our no-slip hip band during squats to maintain the right form. Or put it above your knees while walking in long strides or lunging for a dynamic workout and warm-up. Plus, the soft high quality fabric won’t leave rubber burns or pinch your skin. Use the most resistant hip band to add constant tension to hip thrusts, or use the larger hip bands with more stretch for curtsy lunges to make them more challenging.
SET OF 3 HIP BANDS WITH TACKY GRIPPY STRIPS- You’re currently viewing the set of 3 Hip Bands that include the Pink (Medium-13″), Purple (Large-15″), and Blue (X-Large-16.5″ 2nd Generation with stiffer material) Hip Bands, all 3″ wide, and these 3 bands have tacky grippy strips that line the inside of the band to ensure it stays in place while training. Each band has a different resistance level due to it’s varying length. This set gives you the most versatility for your workout.
LIFETIME SATISFACTION GUARANTEE – In the unlikely event that you aren’t completely satisfied, we will promptly and courteously offer you a full refund on every penny of your purchase, absolutely no questions asked.


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