59 10k, and yesterday running a flat 19:00 5k. [Maintenance update & motivation] : loseit

59 10k, and yesterday running a flat 19:00 5k. [Maintenance update & motivation] : loseit


It’s been almost a year since I last posted here where I received tremendous support. Perhaps a few folk can still remember my post, where I had recently finished my weight loss and had gotten into maintenance.

26 Months ago I feared the mirror, I avoided all cameras and at all cost I would avoid to get any photographs of myself, which is a shame because I only have handful of them now. My goal in mind that I had was to start losing weight and slowly get into running, I had a dream of running my local marathon. It took me a year to even start running properly as I had to lose my weight first. I held great shame over myself and felt like I was wasting my early 20’s not being the version that I could be, the one that I wanted to be.

I think a few key points that helped me personally was these.

  • Accepting that failure is okay. I probably screwed up my weight loss journey a dozen times before I got it right and I learned immensely from it by finding out my weaknesses and learning more about myself. Examples being that I couldn’t buy any extra good food for later days, so I ended up shopping groceries daily.

  • I realized I couldn’t really exercise without over eating, to be honest I was way too ambitious and over doing too many things. I personally chose to focus entirely on the diet which lead to me having a more healthy routine rather than doing too many things like exercising when I don’t even know how to eat properly in a healthy manner. I didn’t have a specific diet, I simply counted the calories.

Now that I have lost my weight and continued to maintain I have become exactly what I wanted to be, a runner.

Before and after face progress and Another face picture . Third one of me enjoying a beach run

Bonus extra body comparison

Body comparison before and after.

A picture when i ran the marathon last year in october.

Be kind to yourself, and if you lose a pound make sure to celebrate it because then you have finally gone down and not up. Every pound lost is worth a celebration of joy and happiness that you are becoming the person you are supposed to be. I always wanted to be healthy again as I had a few health problems due to my bigger size, now i’m happy and healthy. I can fit both of my legs into my old work pants in just one, I used to wear XL clothing down to S/M sizing, mostly M due to my height at 170 cm.

My 10k 39:59 run And my 5k flat 19:00 run. I show this that my progress has been authentic, I wish to perhaps move and inspire others to be the person that they wish to be, that it is possible. 5 Years ago I tried to take my own life, which lead to a long recovery to eventually losing my weight and then chasing my long life goal of running a marathon that I had in my mind at the age of 16. Never stop trying to be healthier for your loved ones, but mostly especially for yourself. Edit: I’m 25 right now.

I can relate to so many of you as I share a similar story, and it continues to inspire me to push myself forward. In the end I want to thank a lot of folk on here and other sub reddits as I used to aspire to be a better person, and still do.


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